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  • Domestic supporting units or group users: respond within 1 working day after receiving tire failure information. If it is a quality problem, the identification result shall be given within 2 working days. For group customers without service providers, refer to the supporting method.
  • Replacement market: the service mode of local agent + factory after-sales service.

Domestic tire

Supporting market: according to the needs of supporting enterprises or their users, provide use and maintenance consultation and fault identification to achieve the satisfaction of "use, sales and supply";

Replacement market: according to the principle of "who sells is responsible" in the business specifications for tire distribution enterprises, our company implements "monthly clearing" service for primary dealers, and primary dealers provide secondary and terminal services.

Group users with intermediary service providers: the intermediary service providers provide services in the form of replacement market. Or, collect the core and our company will provide door-to-door service every month.

Domestic tire

The supporting enterprise / intermediate service provider shall provide pictures or video data such as vehicle model, use site, tire specification, tire number, residual flowers and damage characteristics (see Annex: foreign tire fault information feedback template for details). China tire technical service shall carry out fault identification, technical consultation, maintenance suggestions and spare parts services according to the data; If there are overseas distributors / special service providers, the local distributors / special service providers shall provide services (see the workflow of overseas special service stations for details).
Foreign markets: overseas agents / intermediate service providers provide overall photos of tires (judgment patterns, specifications,), partial photos of symptoms, crown photos corresponding to symptoms, photos of tire number and annual number, and photos of remaining pattern depth. After sales service of Airland tires carries out fault identification, technical consultation, maintenance suggestions and accessories services according to data.

Airland Heavy Duty Radial Tires

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